Alibaba Further Opens Indian E-Commerce Market Through Its Wholly-Owned UCWeb

Alibaba has invested two e-tailers in India, so far, their performance has not reached the giant’s expectations.

Forget Go: Microsoft Comes for Mahjong, a Much Harder Game for AI

Rebbeca Ren · September 18, 2019

Don’t expect to use the technology to help you win pocket changes in family gathering Mahjong matches any time soon.

Not Just Facial Recognition: More Technology Making Way Into Chinese Classrooms

Han chen · September 17, 2019

Unsupervised overuse of advanced technologies and data on campus have been met with criticism and general concern regarding student privacy and data security.

Costco so Popular in China, but Will It Adapt to Local Taste?

Ran Yu · September 13, 2019

Facing challenges, Costco will likely need to make significant changes to its pre-historic strategy to adapt itself to the Chinese market.

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